Our Company: Board of Advisors

Board of Directors
Joel C. Goldblatt, Chairman of the Board-Founder, President & CEO

Robert L. (Rob) Wheelock, III, Director: Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Manufacturing & Supply Chain: John Nichols has over 25 years of international experience in semiconductor, solar and high-tech electronics with an extensive background in manufacturing and bringing new technology and products to market. He has managed several factories, from small pilot lines for new technology to high-volume production for key products. Mr. Nichols served in a variety of manufacturing and product management roles at Motorola, HP, and Compaq and was involved in the early industry development of Six Sigma Quality Initiative. Prior to joining BSW as an advisor, he worked for BP Solar achieving significant increases in output and yields across their global network of factories.

Solar Medical: Tele-Health / Remote Modular Clinics – Dr. Anne Foster, Robert Perls.

Entrepreneur & Technology Advisory Groups:
   - Santa Fe Business Incubator (SFBI)
   - Houston Technology Center (HTC)
   - Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC), Albuquerque

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