The Solarwind™ Turbine: Elements

Elements Projected to Comprise the First Generation Bluenergy Solarwind™ Turbine

1) Solar cell Encapsulation technology: Core to Bluenergy technologies is the idea that solar cells should not be sealed behind glass and wrapped in aluminum as solar panels are now, but instead be covered by layers of pure fluoropolymer (a clear film). The idea was transformed into a technically mature, patented process, which offers distinct advantages in the production and use of solar cells. The encapsulation is dirt-resistant, non-reflective and impact-resistant.

Bluenergy imprints its special Dendrite process onto the fluoropolymer creating a microscopic field of indentions that captures sunlight from all angles and steers the light onto the cells without the use of extra optics or bulky tracking devices. The turbine's "double-helix" shaped wind vanes serve as the foundation for the cells. The technology is proven. Bluenergy's solar modules emerged from an 18-year test with the German TUEV as the only one that maintained its power output and efficiency, with no degradation.

Solar cells from a number of vendors work with Bluenergy’s proprietary encapsulation, and can be incorporated on the vane-segments and on the base ensuring maximum performance and reliability. Using solar cells on the wind vanes increases the power output of the wind turbine by approximately 30-35% and allows electricity to be made even when the wind is calm.

2) Double-helix shaped Wind Vanes
A finite element analysis performed by the German company Bayer in 2002 revealed how best to use their family of Polyurethane Foam and carbon composites called Baydur® for Solarwind™ Turbines up to 10 kW. Thanks to fast molding cycles of about 90 seconds, molded 3D shapes with high intrinsic stiffness and high strength can be produced. Aluminum molds are used during production, which means that no release agents are needed, resulting in a very safe and environmentally friendly production process. With this system, strong, extremely lightweight and rigid molded parts can be produced fast and repeatably in a wet molding process.

3) Generator
A three-phase alternating current-synchronously permanent magnet generator has been specified. The generator has rare earth magnets applied on its rotor, providing high efficiency. The fixed winding of the rotor is continuously activated through these magnets, so that the generator immediately delivers power even at low revolutions per minute. These generators are especially designed for wind-powered devices, and are being built to the exacting requirements of the Bluenergy Solarwind™ Turbine.

4) Current Transfer system for Solar
Slip-ring technology provides for the transfer of electric currents produced by the encapsulated solar cells. Slip-rings have a robust design and special precious metal contact configurations resulting in extremely long life with a minimum of maintenance.

5) Inverter
The inverter combines the solar electricity and wind generated electrically into one current. The output is standard AC current that is easily switched amongst different country standards.

6) The Turbine Axis – Bearings
The axis is a hollow, re-enforced steel mast, using a double frictionless bearing system to decrease resistance, while increasing efficiency. This unique bearing system allows self-stabilization of the rotating turbine, so that even in very high winds, the heavy material stresses and loads are reduced and remain perfectly balanced.